Why ResumesHQ?

Our 30 60 90 Day Plans

We believe that in the second and third round interviews, it becomes even more important to stand out and make an impression. Our 30 60 90 day plans are built to help you showcase yourself at these crucial moments and make it more favorable for the employer to select you. Our plans are designed to help you present a well-rounded understanding of your approach and a summary of the potential activities you would like to pursue in the job if selected. These plans are also suitable for people who are starting new projects or are prospects for internal moves into new positions.

As per the University of Kent, planning and organising is one of the top 10 skills employers look for in an employee. 30 60 90 day plans are fast becoming the most sort after vehicle for displaying these skills, as also promoted by Business Insider and Forbes.com. Our templates help capture the very essence of your planning skills in a compact, eye catchy and consumable format that would suit any scenario. They are easily customizable and help you prepare a professional robust and visually appeasing plan in less than 30 mins.

Our Resume Templates

It was originally believed that employers spend about a minute on a resume however a recent research study by TheLadders.com - leading job matching service has revealed that employers on an average spend 6 seconds on reviewing an individual resume.

We believe even if recruiters are spending more than 6 seconds on a resume, it is very crucial for an applicant to distinguish among the pile of standard black and white resumes. A designer resume not only stands out from other resumes but also forces employers to spend more time reading the content of your resume.

“Even before thinking about doing well in an interview, you need to do everything it takes to make an employer pick up the phone and give you a call”
Bharat Jain – ResumesHQ, New Zealand

Stand out and Create an Impression!

Our mission is to make your resume and 30 60 90 day plan standout and get your talent and skills noticed.

At ResumesHQ, we provide you with the designer resume and 90 day plan templates that you need to succeed! Our designer resume templates are handcrafted in consultation with industry leading experts to help you stand out from the crowd.

We believe in simplicity yet elegant and beautiful presentation. Our designer templates are built with various layouts and a minimal yet contemporary design element.